Delete history – Google Chrome

How to delete history from Google Chrome in 2 easy steps.

Step 1.

At the top right hand side of the Google Chrome windows there are 3 bars as shown.  Click them. Go down to tools and click Clear Browsing Data.


On your keyboard hold down the keys Control, Shift and Delete (ctrl+shift+del) together and you will open up the window shown further down.

Chrome delete history screenshot 1



chrome delete history


Choose how far back in time you want to delete history from and also check those boxes according to exactly which type of history you want to delete and finally click on the button labelled ‘Clear browsing data’.


Control + Shift + N together will open up a ‘In private browsing’ window (you can also click those 3 lines again and choose this from the drop down menu), if you browse the Internet using this window no browsing history will be recorded in the first place.


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