IT Fundamentals first

IT Fundamentals first

I’ve been making a few changes to TekMoz recently.  If you have been following our progress so far you will notice that the menu system has changed from the standard laptop repair course menu at the side to a dropdown box at the top.  This is because I’ve now started to release pages from the IT FUNDAMENTALS section.

So what are IT Fundamentals?

IT Fundamentals are the basics of Information Technology.  My approach to this has been somewhat different to how other may have explained things.  I’ve spotted patterns in IT equipment over the years, in how they are manufactured, how they work and how they break and are fixed.  It’s this pattern and also the system that describes them that I’ve followed.  I’ve actually used the analogy of the human nervous system to compare it against and if you have a look you will see why.

IT Fundamentals and the lessons behind TekMoz

TekMoz came into being to offer people the chance to learn technical skills in IT repair.  Because of this I think it important that you understand the connections between different technology such as the PC, the laptop, the tablet PC and the smart phone.  They essentially work in the same way, they are just put together differently.  Troubleshooting these is a similar process too, it’s mostly about a process of elimination, a pinch of common sense along with a dose of help and experience.  Eventually TekMoz will offer a complete range of IT Technician Skills but the story begins here.  Check out the new training sections and thanks for visiting!




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