Malware and Viruses

Malware and Viruses

Hey guys,

Welcome to TekMoz and thanks to those people who keep coming back to see how things are getting on.

So how are things getting on?  Pretty good.  The TekMoz section on how to build a computer / how to take a computer apart is nearly finished although right now there are missing a few steps (Oops).  Not to worry I’ll get right on that over the next few days.  It may seem pretty slack but the main reason for this lapse is I’ve had an email asking if I could do a tutorial on virus and malware removal.  No problem.  If that’s what you guys want then that’s what I will focus on. 🙂

Virus and Malware Removal Tutorial

Essentially the new virus and malware removal section has been written based around my everyday experiences removing malware and other infections from client computers.  I’ve done this for more than 20 years and as usually is the case when people spend enough time doing something you get to spot patterns.  In this instance the pattern is this:

There are three types of virus or malware removal:

1) Automated  removal

2) Semi-automated removal

3) Fully manual removal

So what does this mean?

Well, you have to remember that I do this for a living.  This means I have to find a way to carry out a task as quickly and effectively as possible to get the best out of my time so I can move on to fixing other computer related problems.  So the first approach I normally go for is the full automated one.

Fully Automated virus and malware removal means you let the software do all the work for you.  What it doesn’t mean is that you install an AntiVirus program and sit there while it may or may not catch an infection.  That method just doesn’t work anymore.  I’ve found a simple winning combination of software tools that when combined together produce fantastic results.  A single program is not enough for a comprehensive defence anymore.

Semi automated virus and malware removal means that we have to intervene somewhat to remove an infection.  This is usually because a lot of worms, trojans, viruses (malware) have self preservation built in and even with automated removal the infection can easily take hold again.

Manual removal of viruses and malware involves the use of several software tools and the Hirens Boot CD.  An infection will deliver it’s payload once it is triggered and with manual removal we investigate those triggers.

Free Malware removal programs

All of the programs that we use are free and wherever possible available in our downloads section.

TekMoz and Malware Removal

With all of the information that is freely available around the internet it seems a bit odd if having skills such as virus removal were to be kept a secret.  This is is what TekMoz is about – the freedom of information.

With this information you could:

1) Fix your own computer by removing your own viruses and malware.

2) Earn money by removing malware from other peoples computers.

We hope you keep following us in our adventure and you are welcome to contact us at anytime.  If you need support, would like to ask a question or even contribute to the site feel free to use our contact form.

Bye for now 🙂




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