Tekmoz is now a membership site

//Tekmoz is now a membership site

Tekmoz is now a membership site

Author Graham

Hi guys,

Important: Tekmoz is now a members only site.  I’m sorry that I’ve had to do this but the amount of work I put into it isn’t paying for itself (I thought if I put adverts on the site it would be enough) but the return isn’t enough to even pay for the hosting.  I’ve taken the step of charging for my content now.

I really want to keep the price as low as I can – I’ve set it at $5 for now which for what you get I think is really cheap, I aim to increase this price soon SO GET IN QUICK BEFORE I DO!!!

I am increasing the material on the site on a week by week basis for my members and there will be a collection of CRAZILY USEFUL MATERIAL!!  This will include HD quality videos, how to guides, fault diagrams and much more.  So get your membership today before the price goes up!

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