Update for July 2013

Update for July 2013

Hey Guys,

Welcome to TekMoz and let me tell you what’s been happening since our last news update.

IT Training & Computer Tutorials

I’ve been focusing upon two main areas and that’s been the free IT training and tutorials sections.  I’ve been putting together some more ‘how to’ guides for PC building, laptop repair and IT fundamentals.  I’ve also been adding to the ‘how to remove viruses and malware section‘ and things are progressing quite nicely.

How long is all going to take to come together?  Well, that’s a bit tricky to answer definitively but I’m aiming for at least a few months before TekMoz is out of BETA mode (this is our startup phase).  For those who are new to the website let me just re-iterate what the aims of TekMoz are:

With over 20 years in the IT industry myself and a handful of contributors are putting together a website where you can come to learn how to fix computers, how to fix laptops, troubleshooting your network and tackle software problems and viruses.  TekMoz is made up of 2 key areas and that’ s training and tutorials.  What’s the difference?  The computer training is based on essential theory and background know how and the tutorials section is based on very specific problems, troubleshooting and advanced technology guides.

Write for Us

The aim for TekMoz.com is to become a community.  We want to help you learn how to fix computers and we want to be able to help you wherever we can.  We also want to bring together experts and people looking for technology and computer related answers to problems.  We welcome submissions from guest blog writers and those who would like to contribute.  In return we are happy to provide a link back to your blog or website.  Of course, we’ve got submission guidelines and we’d be happy to let you know what they are, just get in touch via our contact us page.

Let us write a guest post for your blog or website

We’re also happy to contribute to the wider community and would love to write guest posts for other technology and computer based blogs and websites.  Send us a message via our contact page and let’s get the ball rolling.


Tekmoz is still being tweaked and we’d love to hear from you if you think we’re doing something wrong or even getting it right!  Would you like to see a tutorial or some training based on a particular topic?  Great that’s what we’d love to get from you so get in touch!

What’s next for TekMoz?

There are 3 main areas that will be focused on in the coming months.

1)  We will continue to add to the IT Training section and keep tweaking the existing content.  This includes creating videos and better info graphics and some case case studies and flow charts for troubleshooting.

2)  There will be more tutorials based on specific subjects such as error messages and how to guides for computer problems.

3)  We will also introduce a forum.  While we are still in BETA mode this will most likely be a single Q&A forum until we can build our numbers up but we gotta start somewhere right?

Ok guys, thanks for checking back and remember to spread the love and let as many people as you can know what we are doing here!


TekMoz Team

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