Witness the birth of TekMoz

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Witness the birth of TekMoz

Hi there and welcome to TekMoz.   Although I am the main person involved with putting TekMoz together there are and have been a few people helping out along the way and together as we put the elements of our baby together and hopefully you’ll get an insight as to what we are all about.  We’d love you to join us in our journey.


The Conception

The idea for TekMoz was first born in 2010 when I first started putting together a training course that could teach people technical skills at a low cost.  It’s always seemed really unfair to me that:

IT Training courses always seem so expensive, when

a) The Internet is a fantastic and yet at times bewildering place to learn those same skills for free, and also

b) There are a whole load of people out of work, looking for a career change or simply just want to learn how to fix their own IT equipment and save a bit of money.

I have been involved with the world of IT Services for over 20 years and love the idea (like most people) of a better and fairer world where information is more freely available and people help each other and look out for one another.  These same principles are the guiding factors behind the Open Source movement and also helped forge the Mozilla foundation principles.

Our mission statement is practically the same as that of the Mozilla guys:

Our mission is to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.

I agree.

I hold these principles too.  Why hold information back or charge extortionate prices for IT Training when information is freely available?  Some of the answers are obvious…you pay those fees because somebody put a bunch of training material together and taught you and the basics of supply and demand dictated the price.  This is my own conclusion.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.


The Birth

TekMoz began life as Tech Skills.  Based in the UK it was my dream to start a bricks and mortar business that could offer IT Training at an affordable price.  Also, I like to help people.  So what I did was form the business in such a way that for the people attending training each module was designed to not only teach you essential skills but also take you that step further and teach you how to turn those skills into profit.

Some of the trainees started their own IT Repair business, some attended to save themselves money fixing their own laptops or PC’s and some just wanted to earn money doing part time work and some wanted to buy broken laptops, repair and resell.  We even had existing technicians who attended to further their own skills.

Although I’m not directly involved with Tech Skills anymore I do still like to refer people in that direction if they require hands on training.

Why TekMoz?

TekMoz is the extension of Tech Skills which is about hands on learning.  TekMoz is about the teaching and support.  I always wanted to offer people the best service I possibly could and that means not holding back with the training information.  This does not replace the need for hands on training, in fact I recommend you practice everything you read on here on real equipment to get the best experience and this is relayed throughout each training module as your progress.

What’s next?

The next step once the training material is all uploaded will be to create a members area, a community if you like.  It is still my goal to give people enough skills and training to do what they like with those new skills whether that just fix for your own purposes or better still start a business.  Of course this is a scary world to enter alone and so I want to be there to help you.  I aim to do everything I can to mentor you and help you succeed.

And so this is the story so far…

I hope you stay tuned!

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