AntiMalware, antivirus and antispyware software


In all of the years we have been carrying out computer repair, superantispyware is among the best programs around for getting rid of computer infections.


Combine Superantispyware and MalwareBytes together to form an awesome combination for getting rid of computer malware.  Malwarebytes is everybit as good as Superantispyware but combined together are unbeatable.

System Tools


CCleaner stands for “Crap Cleaner” and it does just that. It gets rid of all of the rubbish on your computer that slows it down. We’ve been recommending this brilliant free software for over 5 years and it just gets better all of the time.

Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a program owned by Microsoft that gives a detailed overview of exactly which programs are running on your computer at any one time, this is particularly useful in the process of removing viruses and malware.

SpeedFan (click to download)

Control the speed of your fan with Speed Fan. Owned by Almico, see here for their support page.

All in One Software Tools

Download Hirens Boot CD

The Hirens Boot CD is the ultimate in technicians tools.  We’ve provided a link for version 13 here which isn’t the latest version but is really all you need to carry out any of the tasks that we teach you on this website.  This is the version that we have used but of course feel free to download the latest version yourself from the official Hirens website.

Hirens Boot CD is so great that we could not do it justice to list the vast array of software and possibilities that it has.  Instead we will show you through several tutorials how to use the CD.  RECOMMENDED!!

D7 by FoolishIT

D7 by FoolishIT is absolutely brilliant for cleaning up viruses and malware.  It has built in fully and semi automated virus removal processes and also includes tools that allow you counter the effects that a virus payload may have imposed upon your computer even after it has been completely removed.  This is definitely a RECOMMENDED bit of software by the TekMoz team.

Portable Apps

Portable Apps

Portable Apps can be ran from any device such as a portable hard drive or USB stick.  The application will run in it’s own space and not require a full installation in the same way that standard applications do.  This makes portable apps very useful when troubleshooting computer problems.


IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative FREEWARE image viewer.  It is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals and is suitable for all Operating Systems.