How to delete history

This tutorial is about:

How to delete your Internet History or to cover your tracks after surfing the Internet or browsing your computer.

Why learn how to delete computer browsing?

In our day to day IT Support business we get this question a lot.  There are many reasons why you want to do this and it would be unprofessional of us to ask what your reasons are.

As with a lot of the information found on TekMoz these skills are ones that can be used by the home computer user and computer technician alike.

If you are following our website in order to start your own computer repair business then like us you will get asked the question about how to delete history from computers on a day to day basis.  So we are not going to dilly dally and tell you half truths or poor methods.  Here’s the real deal, how the professionals do it and how can delete your history for yourself or clients.


What type of history do you want to delete from your computer?

First of all let’s just make sure that we are talking about the same thing here.  You see, there is ‘delete history’ from Internet Browsing and there’s ‘delete history’ from my computer and each method sometimes requires different steps.



So which of these groups of phrases suit your requirements best?

I want to:

delete my browsing history from the Internet

delete my Internet history

stop anybody seeing what I’ve done on the Internet

delete browsing history

delete history Internet Explorer

how to delete YouTube history

delete Chrome history

how to delete browser history

If any of the above statements sounds like what you want to do then click here for tutorials on how to delete your Internet Browsing History.


If you are looking to remove the history from your computer, i.e remove temp files, remove recent documents etc then you may want to click below instead.  Let’s just see if any of these phrases match what you are looking for:

clear recent docs

prevent people seeing what I’ve done on my computer

remove any temp files

remove cookies

clear computer registry

Then this is slightly different from removing an Internet Browsing History and you should read this seperate tutorial.

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