Welcome to the TekMoz online Laptop and Computer Repairing course.

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Learn computer and laptop repairing online

Tekmoz does not get many visitors looking for network repair tutorials or computer repair courses at the moment (hopefully this will change), most people come here looking for a laptop repairing course or training, or even just looking to learn how to fix their computer such as how to get rid of a virus or perhaps how to replace or repair a laptop screen etc.

Tekmoz – a laptop repairing course or training guide

If you are here because you want to learn how to repair laptops then here’s what you can learn:

What you will have learnt by the end of this laptop repair tutorial.

  1. How to take apart any laptop or netbook regardless of it’s age, make or model and re-assemble it.
  2. How to take apart any PC and re-assemble it.
  3. Understand how computers work.
  4. How to troubleshoot and repair hardware problems with laptops and when to pass the work to more specialist engineers and still make a profit.
  5. How to troubleshoot and get rid of viruses.

Repairs and troubleshooting we will cover on this training course

  • Laptop CD/DVD drive replacement
  • Laptop or netbook screen replacement
  • Troubleshooting dim screens
  • Keyboard problems – replacing keys or whole keyboards in laptops
  • Case issues – how to replace or repair a laptop case
  • USB / Power Socket issues – learn to re-solder or replace
  • Mouse / Track pad replacement Laptop built in webcam replacement
  • Power issues – learn to troubleshoot laptop power issues
  • Hard drive problems fixed
  • Data recovery
  • Memory module testing
  • Laptop runs hot or randomly restarts

Want to learn how to repair laptops? Ready to start?
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Here's a bunch of stuff I get asked quite a lot (click to expand this box)

Wasn’t Tekmoz free?

I’m afraid to say Tekmoz is no longer free.  My intention was never to make money but I am actually LOSING money and cannot sustain this.  I’ve introduced a really low members fee of $9.99 for now*.  I will continue to justify this fee by starting to add even more content on a regular basis to give you a KILLER LAPTOP REPAIR COURSE.

*Please note I reserve the right to change the price of my training at any time.

Can I get support?

I’m always happy to answer questions and help wherever I can.  If you’ve paid for my training then the answer is definitely yes! Just use my contact form.  I’ve recently started to think about other ways how I can help too, for now you can post to my Google Plus page at google.com/+Tekmoz which I will try my best to visit as often as possible; I also plan to introduce either a forum or Q&A area here on Tekmoz too.

Can I start my own computer repair business?

Yes you can.

1) I’d love to help you start your own business but my time is limited and so are my resources.  This means, I’m happy to guide you but ultimately it’s really up to you and I don’t want you to blame me if you fail (hopefully you won’t).

2) I’ve ran my own successful repairs etc for many years but you’re situation is always going to be different to mine.  You may be in a different country or economy etc so what works for me may not work for you.

Contact me now, either through my contact form, google.com/+Tekmoz (Google Plus) or Facebook 

I just need IT support, I don’t want to learn all of this stuff

I’d be happy to offer you some advice with regard to fixing your IT computer equipment or network. If you are in the UK and need business IT support then sometimes it’s better to have a support contract, I can recommend http://www.pcsupportgroup.com/ if this is something that you need. They cover the whole of the UK and support both residential and commercial clients (no, I don’t work for them).