Which Is The Best Laptop Bag To Buy For Gaming?

Which Is The Best Laptop Bag To Buy For Gaming

One of the main reasons gamers buy a gaming laptop is the combination of power and portability. However, thanks to the powerful hardware, most gaming laptops have a considerable amount of heft. That means carrying them around without a bag can become a bit of a hassle. Not to mention that most gamers use a mouse and headset while gaming. Carrying all the equipment around can become a hassle. There’s no question about the fact that you need to get a bag. The question arises, which is the best laptop bag to buy for gaming?

There are a few essential things that gamers need to consider when looking for the correct gaming laptop to buy. Whether it’s about size or certain specialist compartments, there are many features that set apart the best laptop bags for gaming from good ones.

1. Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backsack

Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backsack

For gamers looking for the ultimate combination of style, space, and convenience, there’s no need to look further than the Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backsack.

There’s more than enough room to easily store a 17-inch laptop and adequately guard all additional accessories as well. The extra pockets on the side helps ensure that there’s an additional layer of protection.

Acer also kept in mind that gamers might run into some unfortunate situations. That’s why the Acer is manufactured via waterproof material, making it much more suitable for all conditions.

The waterproof material also ensures that all items in the bag remain secure as well. There’s a pocket underneath that’s ideal for storing things like a power brick or charging cable.

The backpack is ready to go anywhere and has enough room to store a few extra utilities. It’s ideal for both daily use and long commutes. You can easily keep the backpack as well because it can be folded and stored away easily.

It’s suitable for taking to airports because the wheels at the bottom allow you to roll it along as you go. To ensure that the bag is comfortable to wear, it features a lot of padding at the bottom that enhances comfort and convenience.

2. ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

Every hardcore gamer knows that ASUS has been around for a long time. The Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack is going to cover all the needs of a hardcore gamer. For those that want the ultimate gamer to look, this backpack by ASUS is the ideal option. It features a strong polyester material that gives the bag water-resistant properties.

On the inside, there’s a completely padded interior that helps ensure that everything you keep is kept as safe as possible. In the case of an accident, you don’t have to worry about any of your equipment suffering from any damage.

The front of the backpack features a streamlined design and the ROG logo. Its interior features more than enough room to easily fit even the heftiest 17-inch laptop. There are several additional compartments that gamers can use to keep their additional hardware safe. A dedicated smartphone rear compartment helps ensure that your device remains as safe as possible. See it here.


3. HP Omen Gaming Backsack

HP Omen Gaming Backsack

Even though gamers want enough space to store all their equipment easily, they don’t want a backpack that looks very bulky. That’s where the HP Omen Gaming Backsack comes into the equation.

It has a compact design, but there’s more than enough room inside to fit a 17.3 inches laptop easily. There are additional pockets on the side that help the gamer carry all of their hardware without worrying about anything.

Not only does the padding on the inside ensure that all your hardware remains safe, there’s the padding on the outside that makes carrying the backpack easier.

Despite the number of different compartments in the pack, there’s one slight issue. The only hardware accessories that fit in these compartments properly belong to the HP’s Omen Gaming System.

Additionally, even though there’s enough room to fit a 17.3-inch laptop, there’s not much room to hold much else. The bag is excellent for those that are dedicated fans of the HP Omen Gaming System.

4. Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

While this isn’t a dedicated gaming laptop, the quality and number of features make it very difficult to ignore this option. It’s the ideal laptop bag for pretty much anyone. The maximum sized laptop it can accommodate is 15.6-inch. There’s also the option to accommodate smaller sized laptops thanks to the straps on the bag’s interior.

The backpack also features several different compartments. One of the most ideal compartments is the hidden anti-theft pocket. It’s the perfect compartment to keep all your valuable items as safe and secure as possible.

Matein also includes brilliant modern features in the backpack, including a built-in USB charging slot outside and a built-in charging cable on the inside.

Its design features an airflow back design that ensures that carrying the backpack doesn’t become a hassle in summers. However, one slight con with the laptop is that there isn’t enough padding on the bottom. Aside from the lack of padding, though, Matein has made a brilliant all-round backpack. See it here.

5. Targus X SteelSeries Sniper Backpack

Gamers that want the most storage space, the best option is the Targus X SteelSeries Sniper backpack. It features a 26-liter polyester backpack that has more than enough room to carry a 17.3-inch laptop easily.

Aside from carrying the laptop, there are multiple compartments that gamers can use to store their accessories and additional hardware. Ultimately, the design of the backpack keeps in mind those gamers that have to travel extensively.

It features a dedicated laptop compartment that features heavy padding and is large enough to fit in certain gaming consoles, let alone a gaming laptop. The case in the front features several dedicated pouches for keyboards, mice, controllers, and headphones.

The bag contains high-quality material and padded straps to ensure that using the laptop is always comfortable. It’s a material that has the capability of dealing with multiple environments thanks to the water-resistant cover. Those gamers that are looking to travel to a lot of tournaments and carry with them a lot of peripherals, the Targus X SteelSeries Sniper Backpack is ideal!

We don’t actually have an image of this product anymore but you can perhaps see it for yourself here. Let us know if you find it.

6. Dell Pursuit

Gamers looking for a minimalist backpack to carry their equipment, the Dell Pursuit will seem incredibly appealing. It features a standard dual-tone design and the red dell logo on the front of the backpack. The material used in the backpack is completely water-resistant and super high quality.

Instead of being just water-resistant, the backpack also features a callous EVA exterior shell and internal padding to ensure that all your tech equipment is kept as safe as possible. There are additional pouches that gamers can use to hold peripherals and other gear on the sides of the backpack.

Another brilliant feature of the backpack is the V-shaped air channel on the back of the bag. Carrying a pack during the summers can be annoying. However, the V-shaped air channel ensures that users don’t get a sweaty back while carrying the bag. The backpack also features reflective accents that are there to ensure that it’s extra visible at night.

When we checked this product was no longer in stock, check for yourself and let us know what you find.

7. Razer Rogue V2

Razer Rogue V2

Razer claims that the Rogue V2 is the bag built by gamers for gamers; it’s designed to withstand the rigorous wear and tear of a gamer’s life. The high-quality material of the bag is resistant to water and all the different elements. It features a super protective, scratch proof, and a padded interior that helps ensure that all your equipment is kept as protected as possible.

The main compartment holds enough room to fit a 15.6-inch laptop, and the second compartment has enough space to hold the extra gaming gear that gamers need to carry. There are padded shoulder straps on the back to ensure that taking the bag is super comfortable.

A brilliant additional feature is that the bag’s backside has a back panel to ensure that weight is distributed evenly on both shoulders. See it here.

8. Everki Backpack

Everki Backpack

The Everki Titan Backpack is ideal for those gamers that need to travel to international gaming tournaments. It is known as an airport-friendly laptop because it has the capability of opening up 180 degrees. The dedicated compartment in the laptop has enough room to store an 18-inch laptop easily.

Aside from the dedicated main compartment, there are additional compartments to ensure that gamers can easily carry all additional gear and accessories. The bag may look utterly plain on the outside, but it opens up to provide a vibrant orange color, and everything is organized ideally.

There are several intuitive pouches and smart spaces that make storage a straightforward task. For music lovers, one of the most endearing features of the Everki Titan Backpack is that there’s a dedicated audio outlet. The cable passes through the outlet to ensure that the headphones don’t receive any potential damage while you’re traveling with the backpack. See it here.


Hopefully, one of these brilliant laptop bags can answer the best laptop bag to buy for gaming. Each of these different backpacks has specific characteristics that help set them apart. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each bag; pick the backpack that suits your needs the best.


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