Laptop Repair Training Course – broken usb and power ports

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: What to do with broken USB ports or power sockets

Typical faults: smashed, broken or loose.  Includes power socket, USB socket etc.

In our business we tend to see a lot of broken laptop ports, both USB and power jack sockets.

Ports can be replaced or repaired and they will take the same amount of time to do both and whether you take on the work yourself or give it to a trade repairer is up to you.  If you want our advice foster the work out to a trade repairer, you will still make a profit, save yourself a headache and could be getting on with other work in the meantime.

If, however, you decide to take the work on yourself refer to the soldering and laptop disassemble guides from this course.

Never throw anything away when it comes to fixing laptops.  Offer your customers a small fee in return for their laptop if it is beyond repair and keep the parts, this includes spare ports.  You can usually use the same ports on different laptops if the pins that are soldered to the circuit board are the same as the ones you are taking off.

How long this should take

It could take upward of an hour  as you will most likely need to strip down the laptop and remove the motherboard.

How much to charge

Charge your top rate for this type of work.  Anything from £50 (about $70) to £80 (about $110) is competitive.



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