Laptop Repair Training Course – laptop case problems

LEARNING OBJECTIVE – Learn to replace or repair laptop cases

Typical faults – case cracked or broken or not fitting together properly

A problem with the case is usually caused by one of two things.  Either:-

  1. The laptop has been dropped and suffered damage
  2. Somebody else has tried to repair the laptop and not placed a cable back in it’s correct place and the case won’t close properly.

Your options are limited when it comes to case damage.  If it has just been put back together badly then dismantle the laptop as per the TekMoz laptop disassembly guide and put it back together properly.  Sometimes in laptop repair you have to make the decision to replace or repair, depending on your time, patience and if you carrying out the work for a client it is often the smart move to replace rather than repair.

Damage to the top part of the lower case (remember the cheese layer in our cheeseburger analogy?)

The touchpad comes as part of the upper case so if the damage is to this part of the laptop you can replace this part.


You can usually find a second hand top cover for a laptop but it’s not guaranteed.  To find a whole replacement case most likely means striking lucky and buying a ‘spares or repair’.  Ebay and Google Shopping are good sources for this, just search for the name of your laptop and add the word case or ‘spares or repair’ along with it.

Repairing a damaged laptop case

Sometimes you can repair damage to a laptop case with strong glue if the parts are still available from your customer.



Never throw anything away when it comes to fixing laptops.  Offer your customers a small fee in return for their laptop if it is beyond repair and keep the parts.

How long this should take:

Really this is only applicable if you are doing this work for a business are you are trying to figure out how much to charge your customer.  Your time is money.  It could take upward of an hour to replace a whole case.  Aim for 90 mins maximum for a full case replacement.


Ok, Let’s look at what you can do if a laptop runs hot or randomly restarts


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