Laptop repair training course – webcam not working

LEARNING OBJECTIVE: What to do if a laptop webcam does not work

Typical faults: Webcam – not working (we will only cover hardware faults in this part of the course)

We do not cover testing a webcam to eliminate a software problem on this course as this is a hardware repair course.  However if there is an obvious problem such as physical damage then first of all check the connections to the webcam.  An obvious fault with a webcam cable is it will only work intermittently.  If the cable seems fine then try swapping the webcam for a know good part (if you have one available).  The only other thing to do is to replace it as a whole.  You will normally be able to buy a replacement part easily enough.  Refer to the TekMoz laptop disassemble guide to remove the screen bezel and remove the camera.  Once removed use the advice in our how to shop for replacement parts section to source another camera and replace it.

Tips for our members



It would be cheaper for your customer to simply buy a webcam than have the one that is built into the laptop replaced.  Give them this option before you quote them to replace it.

How long this should take

30 minutes.

How much to charge

Charge between £35 and £55.  How much you charge for this depends on easy it is to take the screen bezel off.




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