Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

This part of the Laptop Repair training deals with Laptop Screens and what you can do to replace them.

If you have other problems such as a dim screen then we can help you with our laptop screen problems section.

The Laptop Screen Replacement procedure is relatively straight forward and you can follow a series of simple steps each time you do it.  Once again I will remind you that there is always a pattern between the different manufacturers and replacement of a laptop screen does not differ too much.

The steps are outlined below both in the video and in the step by step instructions.

Types of laptop screen problems that mean you may need to replace it

As already stated the problem may be obvious:




Obvious faults (smashed or cracked laptop screen) Vs Not so obvious faults (dimmed laptop screen or completely blank)

A smashed or cracked laptop screen is an easy sign that it will need to be replaced.  However, sometimes the symptoms are not so obvious.  For example, the screen may be black/blank or perhaps you can see the image on the laptop screen quite faintly.  Maybe even the screen stays on for a while but then decides to shut itself off.  These type of fault we normally describe here at TekMoz as ‘not so obvious’ and require a bit of troubleshooting.  We covered this on our page for troubleshooting laptop screen problems.

Tackling ‘Obvious Faults’ on a laptop

So what do we do about the ‘obvious faults?’ i.e the smashed laptop screen or that scratch or crack that runs across the screen.


With practice you can swap out a laptop screen in about 15 minutes.  Let’s walk through the steps required below and then take a look at a video.  What we want to teach you about laptop repair here at TekMoz is how to tackle any laptop issue by showing you a bunch of generic steps.  This means that if you use these steps as a guide you should feel confident in applying them to any make or model of computer or laptop.  Laptop screen replacement is no different.

How much are laptop screen repairs? I’ve answered this in this post here.

But the short answer is it depends where you are and who does the repair. As a student of Tekmoz you should be aiming to do the repairs yourself and earn around £65 (UK) or $100 (USA) for your service plus any markup you want to make on the parts themselves.

How to replace a laptop screen

Here are the steps you will need to take for laptop screen replacement for any laptop screen despite which manufacturer it came from:

  1. Remove the battery.  Why?  The battery delivers power to the laptop and while there is current flowing there is the risk of shock or damange.
  2. Remove the rubber pads that you can see around the laptop screen bezel surround.  There are usually 4 of these but there may be more.  Try to use your fingernail or thumb to remove them rather than a screwdriver.   Alternatively use a spudger tool.spudger tool
  3. Once you have the rubber pads off and safely tucked away into a container remove the screws.  Follow the advice in the video below for the best way to do this.
  4. After you have removed all of the screws, tuck your fingers beneath the laptop screen bezel as shown in the video and gently remove the plastic a little at a time.
  5. Underneath the Laptop Screen Bezel you will see that the screen itself is held in by screws.  Undo the most obvious ones first and try to remove the screen.  If you can’t then use common sense to locate more screws.  Keep a record of where you remove the screws from.
  6. Flip the screen forward.
  7. Remove the FL Inverter cable and the VGA cable.
  8. The screen will now come away.

The video below shows you how to remove the screen from 3 different laptops.  The purpose behind this is to show you that there is a PATTERN AND A SYSTEM that manufacturers tend to follow when assembling their laptops and you can use this to identify how to take apart any screen from any laptop.

Ok, next let’s look at recovering data from a dead or damaged laptop hard drive.


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