Laptop repair training – common laptop problems

LEARNING OBJECTIVE – An overview of typical laptop hardware problems

If you are following our TekMoz IT training to start your own IT repair business then you will find that you will likely encounter time and time again the same faults.

Fortunately the majority of faults that occur on a laptop are obvious and easy to repair.  Here are the most common problems and their symptoms:-

CD / DVD – doesn’t read discs or won’t work

Display Problems – Cracked / Smashed screen, screen dim

Keyboard issue – missing keys, keyboard not working

Case issues – case cracked or broken or not fitting together properly

Socket / Port issues – smashed, broken or loose.  Includes power socket, USB socket etc.

Mouse pad – not working, working intermittently or is physically damaged.

Webcam – not working (we will only cover hardware faults on this course).

Hard drive – does not work at all or making a grinding noise when laptop is turned on.

Power – laptop does not power on, power is intermittent.

Laptop restarts or runs hot – randomly restarts or freezes

How to fix laptop faults

So let’s move on and look at each of these in turn over the next series of pages.

*REMINDER*  You will benefit from this training more if you can follow along with equipment that you can get your hands on, especially if you will eventually be earning money from this training by carrying out these repair for customers you certainly should obtain some practical experience first.


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