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Lets start our laptop repair training

For laptop repair training…you will need a laptop to practice on

In order to get the most from this laptop repair training you should really obtain a laptop to practise on.

It doesn’t matter if the one you pick actually works or not.

Where can I get a laptop to practice repairing?

The best place to pick up a cheap laptop to practice on  is Ebay, search for ‘broken Laptops’.  The last time we checked there were over 10,000 laptops you could pick up to practice on. You can check yourself before moving on with the training.

We recommend that you do. Done that? Good.  Imagine being able to buy, repair and sell those laptops!  You can strip them down and sell the parts of simply fix and resell them.

Tools you will need during the training

For the majority of laptop repair jobs we have found that you will mostly only use a selection of precision screwdrivers and occasionally a Laptop Repair Toolssoldering iron.  We will cover the tools you require on the next page.  If you have these already, great, if not then again Ebay or Amazon are a great source for these.


Workbench, desk or kitchen table

Try to create a place to work where you have plenty of space.  Taking a laptop apart can produce a lot of parts that may need to be spread around to help keep a track on where they came from or to help you determine a fault.  Remember that laptop parts can sharp and can scratch a table so make sure whereverscratched table you work you bear this in mind.  We prefer to work on a piece of foam or cork board, rolled up foam is great if you need to take a laptop apart when working from a clients home.

You will also need

  • Plastic screw box Plastic Screw Box
  • Large tub for placing your laptop parts into
  • Pen / Pencil and paper or job sheet print out from our members area
  • Sharpie pen
  • Sticky tape that can write upon

Things we recommend you have to aid your training

  • Blank CD for burning our recommended boot Disk to and other utilities
  • External Hard Drive for backing up data to
  • clean paint brush
  • alcohol wipes and liquid for cleaning
  • lint free cloths
  • Patience

Ok that’s an overview of what is required.  Let’s have a look at some tools in a little more detail.

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