Laptop Repair Course – tools you will need

There are a wide range of options for tools when it comes to laptop repair.  You can buy tools individually or in sets.

The truth is about 99% of your work you can do with a single screwdriver, however there will times when you need other equipment too so here’s a list of stuff that we have used over the years.

A Typical all in one laptop repair tool kit

Laptop Repair Tools

If you want to put together your own laptop repair tool kit then here’s what you will need:

A set of precision screwdrivers including Torx heads

precision screwdrivers small image

Do not go cheap here, try to get good quality ones that have a magnetic tip.  That magnetism will comes in handy for retrieving small screws from places that your fingers can’t go.  They also help to insert screws into tricky places too.

A selection of precision pliers

I seldom use pliers but they are an essential part of your tool kit, you just don’t know when you will need them.

Precision pliers for laptop repair

A soldering iron & solder

Soldering Iron Kit for laptop repair

I have owned a lot of soldering irons over the years, I’ve had expensive and cheap ones and to be honest I have just as much use out of inexpensive ones as I have ones that cost an arm and a leg.  The choice is yours which you go for but I’d buy a budget kit for the amount of times you will actually need to get it out.  People who think of laptop repair and soldering equipment usually think of Reflow stations and expensive Reballing equipment.  This is expensive and unnecessary, to make a profit you would be better outsourcing certain aspects of laptop repair which requires this sort of equipment and we will cover this later on.

Lead free solder

Buy lead free solder and make sure you have a desoldering pump (shown here) too.


Personally, I like to go for a meter that sounds a beep when a circuit is complete.  I also prefer digital over analogue.  Again, the choice is yours and I know lots of people have their own preferences but this is just my opinion based on the last 22 years experience in the field of IT repair.  The model shown below is one you can get from Maplin or Radio Shack for around £8 (about $12) and suits the purpose well.

multimeter for laptop repair

Spare stuff

An absolutely essential part of your technicians tool kit – spare stuff (that works).  This means

  • a spare  PC monitor (for testing laptop screens)
  • a spare universal laptop power supply (for testing laptop power supply)
  • an external DVD drive (for lots of reasons)
  • a PC keyboard (USB connection)
  • a PC mouse

If you are following this TekMoz IT technicians course in order to become a field technician then this is the kit that I would recommend that has kept me in good stead, there is probably a whole load of other things that you will find as you go along but these make up the most common things that you will need and you find this as we enter our troubleshooting phase of training.

So where is the best place to buy laptop repair tools?

Really, the only place I would recommend you go is to Ebay or Amazon There are always a good range of tools and tool kits at affordable prices.


Before we start pulling bits out of laptops, let’s look at some preparation work, this is vital to doing a good job.


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